The Purse



Because you deserve the best

Countless hours of innovation have gone into creating a purse that is both stylish and secure to give you the best in wearable technology. Ilesovi provides a seamless transition into the modern age where your purse works hard to protect what you love.



icon fingerprint

Biometric Scanner

A sleek fingerprint scanner is the only way into your purse. No unwanted hands will be able to touch your items.

icon lock

Mechanical Lock

A heavy-duty electromechanical locking system keeps items within your purse secure, even if the battery dies.


icon slashproof 1

Slash-proof Lining

Rugged lining, invisible from the exterior or interior of the purse, prevents slash and grab theft.


icon strap

Quick-Release Strap

Many thefts cause physical harm in addition to emotional trauma. The break away strap prevents your collarbone from injury in the case of a theft


icon location 1

Location Tracking

With a location tracker that syncs to your Ilesovi account, your purse can be located from a phone or computer in the event of a theft or misplacement.


icon alarm

Panic Alarm

A theft can occur in the blink of an eye, and those nearby may not notice. At 140 decibels, this shrill alarm will detonate in the event your purse is taken.

*Feature not available for beta line products